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Ancient Evidence Research Workshop on Dodona

First published: Thu 04 Feb 2021

On 10-11 September 2020, the Virtual Reality Oracle team hosted a workshop about the ancient site of Dodona. The aim of the online workshop was to investigate what the ancient evidence reveals about visiting the oracle at Dodona, and how this might inform the experience depicted in the VRO. Participants included international experts on the site, ancient religion, and divination, as well as scholars from other disciplines, including anthropology.

Led by a marvellous set of papers, enriched with lively discussion, the workshop explored questions about the development of the sanctuary of Dodona, the phenomenology of pilgrimage and the site, the role of sound, the motivations of the pilgrims, and the conclusions that can be drawn from the question tablets and the ritual in which they were used.

The VRO team would like to thank everyone who participated in the workshops. We hope to produce an edited volume of the papers in due course.