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Experience the Virtual Reality Oracle

The VRO experience takes place over three 'visits' that each explore several themes relating to the oracle of Zeus at Dodona, the ritual of divination and the people who worked at and visited the site.

Screenshot: Iolaos the trader

Visit 1

Meet Iolaos the trader and his family; Lysanias is worried about his child.

Screenshot: Diodorus the old soldier

Visit 2

Meet Diodorus the old soldier and see Xanthias, who escaped from slavery, reunited with his sister; ask your own question of the oracle.

Screenshot: two Spartan brothers

Visit 3

Meet two Spartan brothers worried about murder; hear from two traders in trouble and learn what Dorios the spirit raiser can offer.

Get the Virtual Reality Oracle

The Virtual Reality Oracle App is compatible with the Meta Quest / Quest 2 virtual reality headsets, and most Google Android smartphones.

VRO for Meta Quest / Quest 2

The VRO is a free download for the Meta Quest and Quest 2 virtual reality headsets via the built-in Meta Quest store.

Download from Meta Store

VRO for Google Cardboard

The VRO is a free download for Google Android smartphones via the Google Play store.

Download from Google Play Store

The VRO can also be experienced as a 360-degree video via YouTube. Each visit is presented as a playlist for easy access for teachers who wish to focus on specific areas of content.

For the best possible experience, please select the highest video quality available.

Visit 1 (360-degree video, YouTube)

Visit 2 (360-degree video, YouTube)

Visit 3 (360-degree video, YouTube)

360-degree videos can be viewed in several different modes, depending on the capabilities of the device:

VR Mode with a 'Cardboard' VR headset

'Magic Window' mode

Desktop mode

CONTENT GUIDANCE: This VR experience was designed for A-Level students (16-18 year olds), but may also appeal to University students studying Classics as well as younger audiences interested in the ancient world, including those working towards GCSEs (14-16 years old). Please follow relevant manufacturer age group and usage guidance. Use of the ‘Magic Window’ mode and desktop videos to experience the VRO does not carry the same restrictions.

Visit One contains reference to a suspected case of adultery, while Visit Two explores the experiences of enslaved people in ancient Greece. Visit Three makes reference to a suspected murder attempt. Disability in the ancient world is referred to in both Visit One and Visit Two. All the scripts (Visit One, Visit Two, Visit Three) are available on the website and can be checked by an adult if there are any concerns before using the VRO.