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Visiting the Oracle - A Prototype

Before we began the VRO, Esther Eidinow and Kirsten Cater built a prototype experience of visiting the oracle of Zeus at Dodona using 360-degree video. You can watch it either as one film, or four short films.

The films re-enact a series of historical oracular consultations. You play the Traveller and observe visitors at the oracle as they seek answers from Zeus. The questions are all based on historical questions asked by ancient Greek men and women.

The films were scripted and performed by a team of Bristol students, directed by Jimmy Hay, and filmed by Daisy Dai and Liping Pan (Orange Vision Productions).The making of these films was funded by the Leverhulme Trust. Full credits can be found on the prototype's website.

Screenshot: Asking Questions: Dionysios and Kittos
In this film, Dionysios, a wealthy man, and Kittos, his slave, ask Zeus very different questions that reflect their fears and hopes for their futures.